Mermaid and Satyr

This art piece is printed with Lithography technique. Lithography is printing from a limestone. It’s very time consuming, but the result is fantastic.

How lithography works

  • First the stone needs to be prepared. The stones are used multiple times, and sometimes the old image can still be visible on the surface.
  • Then it’s time to draw! You need to draw the image on the surface of a limestone with fat or oil-based medium. I used special ink and crayons. In this phase it’s really important not to touch the stone with your bare hands.
  • Then, the stone will be prepared for printing. Basically, the non-image areas are made ink-repellent during this phase.
  • And finally, printing! The ink will be transferred to a blank paper sheet, producing a printed image.
Lithography art, mermaid and satyr

Litography art. The machine used for printing from the stone.
This is the device that is used for printing the image from the stone on the paper sheet.
Litography art. Some sketches I tried before drawing the image on the stone.
Some sketches. Different styles that I tried before drawing the image on the stone