Layout design and illustrations for “Minu finantsplaneerija”

“Minu finantsplaneerija” by Liisi Kirch is a nice little book about everyday money managing, saving and goal setting. I had the awesome chance to make the illustrations and the layout design for the book.

At first, Liisi first asked me to illustrate the covers and sent me the first pages from the book. The pages really inspired me. So I proposed to do the illustrations and layout design for the whole book. And she agreed! 🙂

This was an awesome project. Previously I didn’t have much experience in layout design so I learned a lot on the go. There are quite a lot of things that I would do differently next time. But all in all, I am very happy with the result and so is Liisi.

If you’re interested in the book, visit Rahva Raamat or Apollo in Estonia. 🙂 In 2018, Rahva Raamat ranked “Minu finantsplaneerija” in the top 10 of best finance and investing books.

Illustrations and layout design for "Minu finantsplaneerija"
Illustrations and layout design for "Minu finantsplaneerija"