Web Design, UX/UI design for Sculptr Startup at Hackathon

In January I participated in Student Startup Camp 2019. I was the designer in Team Sculptr. Sculptr is a website platform that generates an AI-tailored workout plan for people who want to train their specific muscle groups. And I did the the web design, UX/UI design and branding for Sculptr. 🙂

During the week, we built the working application. On the landing page, there is a picture of a guy or a girl and you can literally pull different muscles to make them bigger or smaller. It’s really fun to play with.

The user journey is quite simple.

First, the user sculpts their ideal body type and adds in some data about their current weight, height, age and fat %. For example, Tõnis only wants to train his legs, so he just pulls the leg muscles on the guy.

Then the gets a special AI-tailored Workout Plan. Since Tõnis only wanted to train his legs, he gets a bunch of squats and lunges. Tõnis can also view his progress and diet recommendations and unlock achievements.

Web design, UX/UI design for Sculptr Application